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Yours otnoshenire to ice fishing a fish

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1. Familiarize with safety rules, remember and strictly observe them.

2. Do not leave on winter catching if there are no warm clothes and footwear.

3. The first departures catching do together with skilled fishers, they always willingly will share the supervision and experience.

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April. Spring on a nose!

April. The rivers of an average strip of the USSR are opened. In the first, and sometimes and in the second decades on lakes, ponds and greater reservoirs of the closed type still it is possible to catch from an ice.

Night catching nalima near coast proceeds.

Worsens, and then and the biting of a pike on zhivtsa and blesny stops. It means, that at it spawning has begun.

admin February 15 2009 3:49:04 PM
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March as well as what to catch?

March. Strong morning moroztsy, the strong, well keeping ice crust, burning beams of the sun in clear, serene days.

The best time for catching from an ice — second half of month. Night catching nalima ground fishing tackles improves, it is sometimes caught and in the afternoon. Nalimy approach more close to coast, preferring deep zakorjazhennye places with a галечно-sandy bottom.

Begins accrueing to the end of month prespawning zhor pikes. Catch it on zhivtsa and blesny. It is necessary to remember, that in different reservoirs, and sometimes in the same, the pike takes that on greater blesny, on zhivtsa is better.

admin February 15 2009 3:47:11 PM
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February. A calendar of the fisher

February. Greater snowfalls, frequent blizzards. « — curve roads » — speak February in people. Appreciable lengthening of day. Drops in sunny days and occurrence of the first bugorkov the grounds from under a snow on the hills turned to the south.

In the second decade night catching nalima ground fishing tackles renews.

Catching of a pike perch proceeds on I shall flash under the same conditions, as in January. Better the pike perch is caught in reservoirs with gradually going down water level. The most active biting — in frosty days with steady temperature and during the periods of long thawing weather.

admin February 15 2009 3:46:03 PM
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January. A calendar of the fisher

Winter. Frosty, but temperature of air insufficiently steady. The ice costs the second month. The fish differently behaves in separate reservoirs: a constant biting on one rivers and the lakes, full calm on others.

The reason of this distinction — unequal conditions of an oxygen mode. In small and superficial reservoirs of the closed type with the developed water vegetation the maintenance of the oxygen dissolved in water, much less, than in more extensive and deep. The fish leaves in those places where in water it is more than oxygen.

admin February 15 2009 3:45:18 PM
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December. A calendar of the fisher

The beginning of winter. In first half of December — formation enough a strong ice on greater rivers and wide reservoirs. In the first days ledostava — good catching zhivtsovymi fishing tackles on blesny, on mormyshku and poplavochnymi fishing tackles. Willingly takes nalim. The biting nalima improves and on earlier frozen reservoirs.

Gradually in separate places the fish ceases to take. It is necessary to search for reservoirs where the biting does not stop.

admin February 15 2009 3:44:23 PM
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November. Transition by the winter. At the first frosts small lakes and ponds, get greater reservoirs and silently current rivers become covered by a thin ice. The small snow drops out. Usually up to half of month easy frosts are replaced by the warm weather, the formed ice or absolutely disappears, or turns to the thin film hardly covered by the dropped out snow. Steady weather with frosts comes in 20 dates more often. Before formation of a strong ice to catch it is impossible.

Reckless attempts of catching from the first not strong ice often konchajutja it is sad, at the best — bathing in ice water and cold.

admin February 15 2009 3:43:35 PM
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Catching nalima. As well as where it is correct?

Catching nalima is very original in the winter, therefore it is necessary to tell about it separately.

Unlike many kinds of fishes nalim in winter conditions very actively searches and consumes food, especially before spawning which passes, as a rule, in the middle or in second half of January, and in 10-12 days after ikrometanija up to a spring high water.

After ledostava, having had been ill and having accustomed with new conditions (in 12-15 days), nalim it starts at night usilenno to be fed, concentrating in lakes on small depths, at stony looses and ridges, near to an output of ground keys, and in the rivers — moving against current, on galechnym and to sandy sites. After spawning nalim leaves in deep places.

admin February 15 2009 3:40:13 PM
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Fishing « in posting »!

Fishing « in posting » on a floating nozzle can be applied and in the winter, but only in the certain conditions.

To catch it goes right only in windless, warm weather (temperature above 0) when on a surface lunki it is not formed ice korki, stirring to a float. It is heavy to fish « in posting » when the ice becomes thick: lunku-корытце in the length 3-4 m and width are hard for cutting through 25-30 sm. At last, to catch it is possible only on equal quiet current, at depth no more than 3 m, if the pure, not cluttered up bottom. The best time for catching — thawing weather, after pervoledja, while an ice not thicker 10-15 sm, and warm spring days when the friable ice easily enough makes the way peshnej.

admin February 15 2009 3:39:27 PM
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Where to catch zhivtsov?

ZHivtsov it is possible to catch on a place poplavochnoj a fishing tackle or on mormyshku. Often prepared zhivtsov bring with itself in buckets, greater cans or special utensils — kanah.

To keep zhivtsov it is possible, if conditions, in "aquariums" or in the brought utensils, periodically adding in it fresh water from lunki allows.

As the best zhivtsami are considered small small fry, elets, golavlik, the perch, the gudgeon, a ruff and a crucian — weight 50-75 the Pike perch usually prefers the fineest zhivtsov.

It is the most convenient to catch no more than on 10 fishing tackles, having them in view of a relief of a bottom on different depths. In places with an equal bottom them put in some numbers, a rectangular or in chessboard order.

admin February 15 2009 3:38:37 PM
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